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Strictly Olive

I want you to
question things.
Question everything.
Anything and everything.
All that you've ever known.

Have you ever really
danced on the edge?

Just hold my hand
and jump.


What is blue?
Why is blue, blue?
What does blue mean to you?
Why is blue a color?
Is blue your favorite color?
Does blue look the same to everyone?
Where do you see blue?
When do you see blue?
What is your first memory of blue?
Can blue be transformed?
How many shades of blue are there?
What if everything was blue?
What if blue didn’t exist?
What color is closest to blue?
What is blue?

This was a poem written by 3 University of Indianapolis students majoring in Elementary Education in their English 220 class practicing for field experience with 4th and 6th graders at a local charter school.

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